About Me

Get to know me a little better

Hi, I am Alessandra Quintela

First of all, I want you to know a little more about myself.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo is a cosmopolitan city, with plenty of cultural references brought by people from all around the world, and that impressed great artistic influence upon me. Talking about art is something I’ve felt very comfortable with since my childhood. During high school, I pursued a graphics design curriculum, including decor and landscaping. As my professional degree, I chose Photography at one of the best art schools of Latin America, the Panamerican School of Arts.

After hoovering through different fields of photography, I realized how delicate and touching it was to photograph families. I could see the special glow of the gestational period, the real strength of a pregnant woman during this phase, and the beauty of a new life being created.

In order to improve my work, I sought new knowledge on image editing and digital manipulation. When I finally felt prepared, I started my own studio and worked in this field for 4 years, before moving to the United States.

Some time after I arrived here, I got pregnant, and started to look at maternity with new eyes, the eyes of a mother. I felt the fatigue of carrying that weight, the happiness of the first kicks, the labor pains (without epidural…) and the overwhelming satisfaction of having a child in my arms, not to mention the joy of seeing my little one growing and learning day by day.

With that perspective, built upon my home culture, the techniques I’ve learned, the places I’ve been to around the world, and the acknowledgment that being a mother is the best part of life, I am here to offer you my best and tell your story through my lenses.

With love,

Ale Quintela