Maternity Guideline

stay calm, you are beautiful, you are pregnant!

– The session must take place after the 28th week of pregnancy. After that week, the sooner the better;

– The best time of the day to photograph is either before 9am or after 5pm (afternoons are not a good option during Summer, because of the rain); 

– Mommy, get a nice manicure, and choose light colors; 

– Daddy, please trim and clean your nails; 

– It’s always a good idea to hire a professional for your hairdressing and makeup – these things have a big impact in a photography session. I have a list of professionals to refer if you need;

– Try to rest on the day before the session. Sleep with your feet up to avoid swelling; 

– Do not use tight pajamas or any sleepwear with elastics, as those can easily leave marks on the skin. Remember: pregnancy usually means a lot of fluid retention; 

– Choose clothes that can hide any part of your body you wouldn’t like to be shown naked. For example, if a pregnant woman doesn’t like to show her naked arms, she should avoid tanks and sleeveless tops or dresses;

– Family members must dress in matching colors – that doesn’t mean similar clothes or exact same colors. I have very good tips in my website about how to choose clothes regarding their colors. Furthermore, bring your own style to the session – the outcome has to look authentic;

– Daddy, avoid shorts and snickers;

– Mommy, I have some romantic gowns for you to wear. If you’re interested, we can schedule one day prior to the session for you to try;

– You can bring some accessories to include in your pictures, like the first pair of baby shoes, an ultrasound screen shot, your baby’s name in wood letters, etc. The only thing I ask is for you to tell me which items you’ll be bringing so I can plan the session taking that in consideration; 

– On the big day, in case it is an outdoor session, bring water and snacks. If you have other children, bring their favorite snacks, to keep them in a good mood. 

Thank you for your attention and for letting me be part of this wonderful moment. Enjoy your session and live this moment of your lives in its fullest. It is a very special time.

“Ale is a wonderful and dedicated professional. Super recommend if you want to have your moments eternalized by a photographer.”
—Erika V.