Newborn Session

How to prepare your baby…and you!

– The session will take place when the newborn baby is 5 to 15 days old, preferably after his/her first visit to the pediatrician;

– If you’re feeding the baby with formula, bring extra bottles. If you are breast-feeding, bring some extra breast milk already pumped and stored in bottles, if that is possible;

– Bring the blanket that the baby is used to sleep with. Bring an extra blanket in case the first one gets dirty during the session;

– Extra diapers are always a good idea;

– Avoid clothes that have to be worn through the baby’s head. The easier to put it on and off, the better;

– If your baby has a lot of hair, bring his/her comb or hairbrush;

– Do not forget the pacifier;

– Parents should wear matching clothes – not necessarily the same models – in pastel tones if possible.

– Any makeup must be clean and light – the idea is to capture feelings, not physical exuberance;

– Mommy, if you plan to have your nails done, choose light colors. When photographing newborn babies, less is more;

– Pictures with siblings are beautiful, but if the sibling is a toddler, he or she may not want to be photographed due to jealousy. Do not feel frustrated if that happens. For the session to be successful, everybody must feel happy and comfortable, especially the children;

– When there are siblings, the newborn session starts backwards – as soon as the family arrives to the studio, I shoot all the family photographs to release the other children from their “duties” and then focus 100% in the newborn baby. This is a moment where silence is required, so whoever is taking care of the other children should take them to a walk, to a park, to a playground or any other distraction, so that we can have the studio exclusively to the baby. I have the address of some indoor playgrounds and public parks available in the region;

– Mommy, you are more than welcome to watch the session, but it’s very important that you keep some distance from the baby, because he or she can smell your milk and become fussy. It is a great idea to get some well-deserved rest while I work with your baby;

– It’s normal for the baby to cry a little bit during the session. You don’t need to worry, as I’m a well-prepared and skilled professional, trained to handle tricky situations with babies. Besides all my formal training, I do have two very young children at home 😉

– If the baby pees or poops during the session, do not worry – that is totally normal;

– The temperature need to be a warm level to make the baby feel comfortable even when naked. Better when room are like 80 F. Choose your clothes with that in mind. In other words, dress as light as possible;

– Leave all anxiety behind on the big day. The baby can feel the anxiety around him/her and become stressed. Relax and enjoy the session – the main goal is to get the best pictures, always with safety, patience and love. If the baby doesn’t feel comfortable in a given pose, I may decide to skip that and try the next one;

Thank you for your attention and patience. It is an honor to photograph your family!

“During the session, Ale made us feel home, playing with my son and giving him all the attention, in order to capture the best shots.”
—Marcelle N.