Our happy place

Welcome to my Happy Place

There’s one thing I need to say: newborn sessions are very consuming.
Why is that?
The photographer works in uncomfortable positioning, sometimes for a long period of time. We stay side by side with a heater for over three hours, in temperatures ranging from 80F to 82F. We need to constantly manage the baby’s sleep state with our techniques, supporting the baby’s limbs so he or she does not incur in sudden movements and wakes up. If the session happens in the client’s place, the photographer starts the actual photo shooting already tired from loading and unloading all the equipment, props, clothes, backdrops, etc.

After a long time working that way – going to my clients’ homes to photograph their babies – I finally saw my dream come true. Having my own studio allows me to offer a beautiful and cozy place to parents, with every thing they need to stay comfortable and enjoy the session. The space I share with you through these photos was thought to fulfill the baby’s and parents’ needs I was presented to during each session of my career.

The studio has a calm ambience, with Netflix and Amazon Prime available for mommy and daddy, so they can take a short break from the new and restless life they’ve been living and relax while I take care of and photograph their precious baby. I always have plenty of snacks, water and juice available.

For the baby, I have a microwave oven, pacifiers, pacifier sterilizer, diapers, wipes, diaper changer and lots of accessories purchased from the best newborn photography vendors. The room is climatized, with temperature set for the baby’s comfort. The blackout curtains and my Einstein light source with extra large umbrella allow me to photograph without any changes in color or tone during the whole session, regardless of how the weather looks outside. And, as a bonus, I still have the windows to provide a beautiful shadow effect when needed.

Last, but not least at all, working with babies so young demands extreme care and cleanness. Beyond the usual cleaning performed between sessions and the washing of every single cloth piece with hypoallergenic soap, I have implemented extra safety measures due to Covid-19, including a sterilization of the whole studio with Hydrogen Peroxide after every session and having masks, hand sanitizer and disposable shoes covers to the parents.

I would like to joyfully invite you to come and see this happy place, where I’m able to record – in a careful, loving and professional way – the images of the most important person of your lives.

My warmest hugs (with social distancing, of course),

Alessandra, but you can call me just Alê.